It has been decades since The Great War. In their victory, the immortal Bunian have used their control over sihir to reshape the world of Nusara into an ecological paradise. The Hewani, a collection of beast-like sentient races shaped by sihir, now live in sparse colonies across the Bunian civilization, their once-celebrated diversities now reduced to whichever use their Bunian rulers deem valuable. It is an unstable peace, and revolution is brewing.

How the story unfolds is entirely up to your imagination!

Comic Fiesta 100 Days Countdown (CF100Days) is a yearly event where hundreds of artists pool their talent each year, creating artworks based on our mascots; Coffy, Tea, Yin Yong, Michael and Mi every day for a 100 days as we count down to the most epic event of the year, Comic Fiesta!

If you submit before 1st November 2022, you will stand the chance being selected as one of the 10 Committee Selection and receive an awesome Comic Fiesta 2022 Goodie Bag!

*** Registration closed, thank you for your participation! ***

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