1. Slot allocation will be first-come-first-serve basis and starts at 9:00pm (UTC +8) on 2nd August 2019 (Friday).
  2. If successful, you will be allocated only one slot of your two preferred slots. The schedule of the confirmed slots can be found here.
  3. It can take up to 5 minutes for the live schedule to update -- please remember to refresh your browser!
  4. Only 3 slots a day from Day 100 until Day 11 are available for booking. Day 10 to 1 are reserved for guest artists.
  5. Please avoid submitting multiple forms during the registration period as this will slow down the process of confirming your slot. Only the first submission will be considered, so please decide carefully.
  6. Remember that you have committed to contribute art for that particular week you have signed up for.
  7. Registration will close as soon as all the slots are filled up.
  8. We hope you would understand that replies and updates during registration time can be slow due to overwhelming response. Please be patient with us!
  9. If you were unsuccessful with securing a slot or wish to contribute more, please feel free to participate in the Free Slots.


  1. Art submitted must be related to Comic Fiesta and done by yourself. (Must use at least one of the following Comic Fiesta mascots: Coffy, Tea, Yin Yong, Michael and Mi.)
  2. This year’s theme is DETECTIVE NOIR, but it is not compulsory to follow it.
  3. Artwork’s format:
              Medium: Digital / Traditional (Scanned)
              Size: A4 (2480px X 3508px // 21cm X 29.7cm // landscape or portrait)
              Resolution: 300dpi
              File Format: JPEG file with full quality save. (12)
  4. Please include the following details again when submitting your artwork. Only your alias/nickname and personal site will appear in public. Other personal details are strictly for contact purposes only.
              Full Name (Follow NRIC/Passport)
              Alias/Nickname (Work will be credited with this name)
              Website or Gallery (e.g. Deviantart, Pixiv Account, Blogspot) (Optional)
  5. Foul Language, Hentai, Yaoi, and Yuri is NOT allowed.
  6. Keep in mind your artwork will be posted in a public website, so please respect your art and yourself.
  7. Please hand in submissions ONE WEEK before your weekly slot is due.
  8. No reminders will be given. If you don’t submit in time, your artwork may be delayed or not be posted on our website and social media accounts.
  9. Kindly send your finished artwork to
              Subject: CF2019 100 Days Countdown Submission - Day #
              File Name: Day(Slot, 3-digit)_By_(Name).jpg
              Example: Day019_By_Coffy.jpg
  10. Artworks not meeting the requirements above will be forfeited and our decision is final.
  11. We may reallocate your artwork to another day if there are no artworks submitted in time for that specific date.
  12. Comic Fiesta reserves the right to amend/change these R&Rs at their own discretion without prior notification.
  13. You give Comic Fiesta / SAYS Youth Society full, non-exclusive rights to use your submission on materials published by Comic Fiesta / SAYS Youth Society. You still retain full ownership of the artwork.


  1. Free Slots (FS) is for those who have missed out on the allocated slots.
  2. FS is open for submission any time and will end on the 10th December 2019 (Tuesday).
  3. Registration is not required for FS - you can just email us your artwork at
              Subject: CF2019 100 Days Countdown - Free Slots Submission
              File Name: FS_By_(Name).jpg
              Example: FS_By_Tea.jpg
  4. Remember to include further details as written under General Submission Guidelines when submitting the artwork.
  5. FS submissions are NOT allowed to insert numbers of any days into their artworks.
  6. FS submissions will NOT be posted in any particular order.

Comic Fiesta 2019 Goodie Bags

  1. In the 10 Committee Selection, the committee will choose the best 10 artworks from the Comic Fiesta 2019 (CF2019) 100 Days Countdown submissions.
  2. If you wish to be among the 10 Committee Selection, kindly submit your artwork before 1st November 2019 (Friday).
  3. The 10 Committee Selection is open to Regular Slots entries and Free Slots entries.
  4. Day slots before 1st November 2019 (Friday) are automatically eligible for the 10 Committee Selection process. However, the original submission deadline of your slot still applies.
  5. Each winner will get a CF2019 Goodie Bag.
  6. We will contact the winners privately via email.