In a 1960s gritty downtown metropolis, two detectives, Coffy and Tea, with the help of the double agent Yin Yong, have to stop a highly-destructive nuclear weapon development project which involves certain foreign powers and the local mafia boss, Mi, along with the captured nuclear scientist Michael.

How the case is going to be unfolded is entirely up to your imagination!

Comic Fiesta 100 Days Countdown (CF100Days) is a yearly event where hundreds of artists pool their talent each year, creating artworks based on our mascots; Coffy, Tea, Yin Yong, Michael and Mi every day for a 100 days as we count down to the most epic event of the year, Comic Fiesta!

If you submit before 1st November 2019, you will stand the chance being selected as one of the 10 Committee Selection and receive an awesome Comic Fiesta 2019 Goodie Bag!

*** Registration closed, thank you for your participation! ***

Kindly approach us if you have any questions about the 100 Days Countdown.